Virtual Reality with Apocalypse Time by Hamzadad Khan

Virtual Reality with Apocalypse Time by Hamzadad Khan

Hamzadad Khan profile pictureGreetings everyone! Today, we’ll be diving into the world of Virtual Reality, and not just any old reality, but one where the world is in the middle of an alien apocalypse! Yep, that’s right, the awesome title we are featuring today is a game created by Zenva Academy student Hamzadad Khan — creator of the game Apocalypse Time VR. 

Read on through to find out more about Hamza, a student who completed the Virtual Reality Mini-Degree, and the experience he had developing a virtual reality game for Android!

Hi Hamza! We are thrilled to be able to interview you over here on GameDev Academy, and we’d like to congratulate you on pushing the boundary to publishing Apocalypse Time VR. It certainly looks great and we do enjoy the Pixel Art Minecraft-esque feel to it! In fact we’d love to know, what tools, frameworks, or technologies did you use in creating the game?

Apocalypse Time VR with red alien character

Hi there everyone! Thank you for having me and featuring my game. I actually used Unity to create most of the game, and I also utilized 3D Slash (which is a modeling program) for the graphics. Lastly, I also did happen to use a bit of AutoCAD!

That’s very interesting to hear, Hamza! A very peculiar tidbit that you had incorporated AutoCAD into your game, but very creative nonetheless. How was the experience in developing it?

My experience was awesome, and it was actually pretty easy to make, and I was well-prepared to do so. The game was actually created as a submission for a Game Jam.

Apocalypse Time VR at night by light pole

I previously completed the Virtual Reality Mini-Degree and it is an absolutely awesome collections of courses on virtual reality game development. They are probably the best courses that I have ever taken! I learned a lot and that helped me greatly, almost all of my understanding of Unity came from this Mini-Degree.

Tip: If you are ever wondering how create your app icon, simply take a screenshot of what you want your icon to be and then just search for an icon maker in the Google Play Store. From there it should be easy enough to make it.

Apocalypse Time VR hunting alien with gunWow, that’s awesome to know that you started this as a submission for a Game Jam! Virtual reality presents an exciting opportunity to develop for a rapidly evolving platform. What advice would you give to students currently enrolled in Zenva courses, or those developing a project for their first time?

Yes! Virtual reality is indeed exciting and there’s always new things going on in the world of development for it, from new frameworks for development to the platforms that can run virtual reality becoming much more accessible.

The advice that I have for anyone currently enrolled in Zenva courses, and for those in the midst of completing their own projects, is do not give up — ever! If you don’t understand something, like how something works or functions, just ask. In addition, be regular and consistent at what you do, it will help in memorizing the commands you use, the content you learn, and ultimately finishing the course.

Apocalypse Time VR night scene with roadAnd there we have it everyone! Thank you Hamza for joining us for this insightful and informative discussion on Apocalypse Time VR. We truly appreciate having you here to tell us about the journey you had in developing this awesome game. I am sure we could all benefit from your advice on being consistent, and asking questions — whenever you might be unsure of something. It never ever hurts to ask!

If you have a Google Cardboard (or anything Virtual Reality Headset for Android), be sure to give Hamza’s published game Apocalypse Time VR a try! Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality, and who knows, you might be inspired to create the next big craze!

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