Your Unique Code for Codemurai

As a Zenva subscriber, we’re excited to be able to offer you access to all lessons and exercises on our sister app, Codemurai.

This mobile application features interactive programming lessons and exercises, making it a great tool for supplementing your learning and developing your skills with the most in-demand areas of programming.


With your unique code, you’ll unlock every interactive course in Codemurai, covering topics including:

  • Web Development Basics (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Full-Stack Development (Node.js, MongoDB, React, Angular, & TypeScript)
  • iOS Development (Swift)
  • Android Development (Java)
  • Game Development (C#, Unity, Phaser)
  • Python Programming

Redemption Instructions

1. Install the app

Using the links below, download Codemurai on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices:

Download for Android

Download for iOS


2. Open Codemurai and Sign Up

Once installed, open up Codemurai on your mobile device and select Sign Up to create a new account.



On the Sign Up page, you have two options:

1. Sign up with a new email and password, then hit Get Started.

2. Choose Signup with Zenva Academy to use the same login and password that you use for Zenva Academy. Please note: If you use Facebook or Google to log in on Zenva, “Signup with Zenva Academy” cannot be used, and this option is only for the convenience of using the password for both – there is no further account integration. 



3. Open up the Setting Menu

Once signed in to Codemurai, open the Settings menu:



4. Enter your unique coupon code

Your unique code is:




Add your unique code to the Code field then click Apply.



Note: The Coupon Codes section can only be seen when logged in. 


5. Enjoy Codemurai!

Once you apply the code, all of the courses available on Codemurai will be unlocked for you.  Start learning and enjoy coding on the go!