Zenva Becomes a Silver Corporate Sponsor for Godot

Mitchell Manganaro

February 12, 2021 in Success Stories

The Godot Engine is a free, open-source engine designed to make your game development process quick, fast, and flexible. It is supported by hundreds of developers all around the world. Initially released in 2014, the engine has continued to thrive over the past six years. 

Designed with beginners in mind, the Godot Engine uses its very own GDScript language and unique node-based architecture – which is just the tip of the iceberg for Godot’s great features! It is also completely open-source – meaning your project won’t be held back and you can develop your own systems to enhance your game development projects.

Beyond this, Godot also offers: 

  • Cross Platformer Potential – No matter what type of game you want to make, Godot allows you to build projects for any platform – including iOS, Android, and Linux!
  • A Dedicated Community – The Godot Engine is supported by an incredibly passionate development community, as well as ready and willing users who are prepared to help out anyone.
  • Animation Tools – Included in the Godot Engine is a set of flexible tools for animation supporting full IK bone for both 2D and 3D assets.
2D Platformer

We passionately support Godot for these amazing features – so in November 2020, Zenva became a Silver Corporate Sponsor of the Godot Engine. Our goal is to make coding accessible to everyone, and that’s why promoting a community-supported, open-source engine is important. We are determined to continue to support the Godot community, with both our free and paid course offerings. So, no matter your game development goals, Godot can help you get there!

If you’re looking to get started with the Godot Engine, then our free Godot 101 – Game Engine Foundations course is a great place to begin. 

Or, if you’re more interested in a guided learning path and access to expert mentors, our premium Godot Game Development Mini-Degree will teach you step-by-step how to create five different portfolio ready projects.

Want to download the Godot Engine? Visit their website here.

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