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The developer industry booming. By 2029, the IT industry is expected to grow by 22%, a rate much faster than average. Additionally, there’s a worldwide developer shortage which is expected to reach 85.2 million by 2030*.

With our courses, governments have the opportunity to address the industry shortage, encourage job growth, and establish themselves as leaders in innovation.


Our Mini-Degree™ and Academy programs are designed to take people from being beginners to industry-ready professionals in some of the world’s most in-demand ICT areas.

They teach skills that can be instantly used in real-world settings, and have been created by industry experts who participate in elite developer programs and are recognized for their demonstrated excellence in development and teaching.

Visit our Partnerships & Awards page to learn more about our professional partnerships and the awards we’ve received.


Our mission is to help everyone gain skills in coding and game creation, so they can start successful tech careers and hobbies. Core to that belief is that we want everyone to be able to achieve success – regardless of their age, background, identity, or experiences.

We’re constantly working towards this goal – from supporting international organizations who share our goals, to mentoring at local events.

ICT Gateway to Industry School’s Program (GISP)

In partnership with the Australian Computer Society, and funded by the Queensland Government’s Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT)

The ICT Gateway to Industry School’s Program is designed to provide secondary students, parents, and teachers with industry connections and professional development opportunities in the ICT space. As part of this initiative, we have hosted interactive panels at local high schools, mentored entrepreneurial students and teachers, audited and enhanced lesson content to align classroom delivery with industry practice, and provided teachers with scholarships to enable professional development.


In partnership with TAFE Queensland, Southern Cross University, & Study Gold Coast

With the increasing demand for skills in artificial intelligence, we wanted to provide our local community with an introduction to this innovative technology. As part of the DIGITREK21 Initiative, we ran a free workshop for local teachers, students, and other members of the wider community.


In partnership with Humble Bundle

We regularly support charities that increase the accessibility of programming courses, promote inclusion, and provide educational support for minority groups, women, and other disadvantaged communities, such as Code.org, DonorsChoose, and Girls Inc.

Visit our Social Impact page to learn more about the initiatives that we’ve been involved in.



Justin Sheehan

I used the course to round out my own skills in game design and later, support several of my students’ independent studies and advanced coursework. Zenva has also given me back some of that precious planning time – the course materials helped me to provide students with a robust learning environment, and to develop meaningful grading rubrics that provide useful feedback to the student and maintain accountability in the educational environment.


Assistant Professor Derek Curry

I use Zenva courses as a way to keep my coding skills sharp. In the classroom, my focus is usually on the theoretical end of game development, so I encourage students to use Zenva’s courses to hone their practice-based skills so that class time can be spent solving conceptual problems.


Lane Cunningham

I’m a software engineer. Zenva courses stimulate new ways of thinking about programming – you get to learn from experts, and the content is consistently high quality and unique. I can’t recommend Zenva enough – they get you programming right away and building things you can immediately add to your portfolio.

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